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The key of the internet business; Find a good number of visits and a high percent of conversion of visits in sales or contacts.

The use of internet continues being a growth phenomenon, currently there are like 3400 millions of internet active users in the world… ¿ and still you don’t have an action plan for your enterprise on internet? De you need help to define the best online strategies for your enterprise?CS Consultors will advice you to elaborate an effective online strategy, assuring us of develop and actions implementation directed to the consumer in the sector that you work.

In a strongly competitive world in an enterprise level we must to assure of do all the actions that are in our hands to reach the success of our enterprises, is for that that we can’t forget about the importance of the online strategies to attract new clients and build the loyalty through de new technologies and reach the conversion in sales.

You’ll maybe ask… What services we can offer you to improve your online presence? Very simple next we show a list of the most common services that you need to elaborate an online strategies action plan to your enterprise

Services CS consultors to define the online strategies:

Web positioning

We develop the necessary strategies to find that your page occupies the first positions of the searchers to a specific consult. We actuate in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) section optimizing your website and also in others performance areas like the appropriate Google campaigns.

 Analytic Web

We studied the origin and the conduct habits of the users that visit your web. This allows us directed marketing strategies in a segmented way to obtain the best results. It can dispose of the data in real time and do immediate actions that improve the conversion of the website.

Online publicity

We advice you in the utilization of differents media that internet provides you to promote your business: searchers, directories, advertisement programs, electronic bulletins… we are specialists in Google’s campaigns through ADwords, choosing for your business the best key words  as payment by click or payment for action. Later we do the following of the campaign through the analytic web and that way can optimize it to the maximum.

Social networks campaign

We design and optimize campaigns in social networks according the specifics objective of the enterprise and sector to which belongs. Each campaign start with an auditory of the enterprise online presence and its competence, to later optimize the presence and actions on the social networks, generate value content, maintain and increase the active user community and do the measurements of the objective reach. Finally, is resuming in 5 areas of performance: auditory, optimization, content marketing, management community, and result measurements.


We guide you in the hole necessary process to internet becomes in your new canal of sale or to improve your sales on the red. We dispose of differents scalable packages and adaptable to all necessities and specialties of the business.

Blogs management

Creation and blogs management as essential tool of services communication and products of your enterprise to the client; besides of be a fundamental pillar to positioning the website, to create the actualized and periodical content. This service always is closely related with the page SEO strategy and social networks. Requires a blog management plan adapted to your necessities.

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E-mail marketing

We realize campaigns of email marketing to attract new clients or build loyalty the current clients and fill them of its offers. We occupy of the whole process from the creativity and design, data base creation and segmentation, massive delivery and analysis of result.